7thInternational Joint Preservation Congress
Warsaw, POLAND

Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to cordially invite you to participate in the 7th Joint Preservation Congress, which will be held in spring 2022 in Warsaw.

Since the year 2013, when we first initiated the idea of our series of meetings, the consequent goal of the conference is to thoroughly discuss the topic of joint preservation treatment resulting in successful osteoarthritis delay. The objective of our Congress is also to try to develop a common and practical approach to the use of minimally invasive methods of osteoarthritis treatment.

For the last few years, we could observe the tremendously vigorous and dynamic progress in modern OA diagnostics and treatment techniques. Osteotomies, cartilage treatment, mesenchymal stem cells are just an everyday use example. As during past Congresses we invited specialists from all around the world to share knowledge on minimally invasive surgery topics. They will do the deep dive into their own medical experience and give us the opportunity to ask questions and learn from world’s leading experts.

Join us and discover the new ideas alongside the most prominent scientists and proffesionals, who will present their views during lectures and panels, which we hope will be an introduction to lively discussions. Joint Preservation is a constant platform and offers valuable exchange of experience. As a culmination point, let us show you the true transformation of theoretical knowledge into surgical practice during numerous ‘live surgeries’ from the operating room.

As we believe that the key success of the treatment is the teamwork – the cooperation between orthopedists, radiologists, nurses and physiotherapists – therefore during the sessions, we will listen to physiotherapists and all members of the surgical team discussing patient treatment protocols after a surgery.

We hope that as soon as this Fall, we will be able to meet you all in person and the Crowne Plaza Warsaw will become a place of open-ended and thrilling discussions. At the same time, we would aim to end the Congress with united, multi-angled views and the broadened perspectives. We are certain that enriched in new experience, all together, we will significantly expand our knowledge on the subject.

…and for those of you who cannot wait to join the conference in November, we also invite you to participate in series of online webinars covering the hot topics like: ‘Failure of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction’, ‘Patella dislocation’, ‘Limitations of joint preservation procedures’ and ‘Innovations in knee surgery’ beforehand.

We would be honoured if you would join us during the event.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

Konrad Słynarski & Jacek Walawski

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