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We are delighted to announce the upcoming 6th edition of JPC. Our idea that came into reality in 2013 gained continually growing popularity. What seemed like a strange alternative to joint replacement a few years ago, today become desirable and favorite subject. The 5th edition, with the support of ESSKA Osteotomy Committee, has been devoted entirely to osteotomies. This meeting collected over 280 participants and was the largest osteotomy congress held in Europe. The faculty and participants spent three days discussing and challenging new frontiers in the alignment correction. We have hand-pick the enthusiasts of joint preservation among surgeons and physiotherapists rediscovering the forgotten surgeries and breaking no-man land frontiers. Growing disappointment caused by the limited success, in the long-term view, of joint replacement and a rapidly increasing number of younger patients suffering from osteoarthritis, drive this interest in longer-lasting procedures, particularly those that do not limit physical activity. Osteotomies become now standard procedures, and many of us rush for that solution for our patients. 

We came together to the conclusion that this years’ program should be focusing on osteotomy as well. We will present the newest operative techniques with particular emphasis on hip, foot and knee preservation. 
We will also focus more on ortho-biological issues concentrate mainly on Stem Cells and biological joint reconstruction

Why combine osteotomies and ortho-biology: because osteotomies are the foundation of all reconstruction techniques of cartilage, meniscus, and ligamentous instability

Our first cadaver course held in 2018 was very successful event, and we will continue teaching complex surgical procedures this year.  We will present techniques of osteotomies combined with instability, meniscus and cartilage repair. We will add the hip joint preservation techniques to our cadaver course.  

We are opening for the first time an opportunity to include your research into our program and encourage all to submit the abstracts for the Congress. Please often check our Facebook webpage for more news and surprises.
A few years ago we combined physio and surgical sessions for our program. That gained tremendous support and acceptance as most of us agreed that JPC is a platform to exchange the knowledge and experience among different healthcare specialists

We are looking forward to seeing you at our congress in December.

Jacek Walawski and Konrad Słynarski




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